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Dr. Mohan. B. Vanarotti


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Dr. Mahesh B. Shinde

Chief Admission Coordinator

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For Admission Process & Details
For your admission related queries, you can contact the following faculty members between 9.30 am to 5.00 pm.
Name of Faculty
Contact Details
For general queries

Dr. Mahesh B. Shinde

Assistant Professor

Dr. Saurabh S. Joshi

Assistant Professor

Mr. Amar H. Tikole

Assistant Professor

Mobile : 7030861199, 9767873887

Mobile : 9028486124

Mobile : 9272319199

Bio Technology

Dr. Rajesh M. Jorgewad

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Saee H. Thakur

Assistant Professor

Mobile : 9923957189

Mobile : 9850317278

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mr. Pramod K. Jadhav

Assistant Professor

Mr. Bharat C. Ingavale

Assistant Professor

Mobile : 9028800388

Mobile : 7020727370

Civil Engineering

Mr. Omkar P. Suryawanshi

Assistant Professor

Mr. Jagdish J. Gavade

Assistant Professor

Mr. Samarth S. Shirol

Assistant Professor

Mobile : 9423133773

Mobile : 9975462468

Mobile : 8412053531

Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Bhushan S. Kamble

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Jahida N. Khan

Assistant Professor

Mr. Rohit D. Ghulanwar

Assistant Professor

Mr. Gururaj R. Kulkarni

Assistant Professor

Mobile : 7709717688

Mobile : 9922649594

Mobile : 9028456507

Mobile : 9922509096

Computer Science and Engineering

Mr. Ajit B. Patil

Assistant Professor

Mr. Sandip S. Rabade

Assistant Professor

Mobile : 8308941757

Mobile : 8796603982

Computer Science Engineering (AIML)

Ms. Komal V. Jadhav

Assistant Professor

Ms. Mrunmayee M. Bachate

Assistant Professor

Mobile : 9921749595

Mobile : 9405563656

Computer Science & Business Systems

Dr. Manjunath R. Hudagi

Assistant Professor

Mr. Kiran V. Patil

Assistant Professor

Mobile : 8208682170 / 7083042017

Mobile : 7350498282 / 7219605152

Electronics and Tele-communication Engineering

Mr. Eknath C. Patil

Assistant Professor

Mr. Vikas B. Gundawade

Assistant Professor

Mobile : 9822281422

Mobile : 9423290462

Electrical Engineering

Mrs. Priyanka N. Mane


Mobile : 7776887811

M.Tech. Admission

Dr. Manoj M. Yadav


Mobile : 9637316679