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The Basic Sciences & Humanities department offers foundational courses in subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and English. These courses provide students with a strong foundation for further studies in their chosen fields.
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It is my proud privilege to be the Head of Basic Sciences and Humanities Department at KIT’s College of Engineering (Autonomous), Kolhapur. Whenever people look at a tall building they always tend to see its top; in turn base gets neglected which is the actual balance of the building. Yes, first year of engineering is the base and we at BSH department strengthen that base. Being a ‘Foundation Stone’ of engineering academics, the department of Basic Sciences, Humanities and Foreign Languages of the institute is well equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, highly qualified (01 Post Doctorate; 11 Doctorate; 09 PhD Pursuing) and dedicated faculty and staff and learner centric teaching-learning academics.

Around 800 students, 12 divisions, 14 Basic Sciences, Humanities, and Engineering Sciences and Foreign Languages courses is brief introduction of the department. The aim of the department is to mould students and start their journey as professional engineers. We take utmost care of the newly admitted students as they are at transition period from schooling to college life. To help them in getting adapted to the change various activities/programs such as Induction Programme, Project Based Learning (PBL), Business Club Activity, Career Awareness, Orientation Programs, Mentorship, Continuous Assessment, various competitions, Study Tours and Parent Meets are conducted.

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Dr.Dattatraya J.Sathe
To Provide Comprehensive Requisite Knowledge Of Applied Sciences To Engineering Students And Strengthen Their English Communication Skills.
To impart quality education in Basic Sciences and Engineering
To groom the students with flair towards hands on experience to solve real life problems
To acquaints students with effective communication skills and provide them with ample practice for improving their interpersonal skills.
To inculcate discipline and moral values amongst the students


What our students say

What our students say

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